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Vladimir II Dracul Tepes also fomerly known as Germanicus Juilius Ceaser is a Force-sensitive humanoid creature that was once a human Silver Jedi who was corrup in a ritual gone arary over three thous years before the Battle Of Yavin. He is what is known as a Force vampire and feeds off the Midi clorians of liviinn beings though can go decades without having to feed such is evident when he hid on Earth in Romania from the Brotherhood Of Darkness.

Prior to hiding in Romania Vladimir killed the young Roman Prince Germanicuz Juilius Ceaser and masqueraded as the heir-presumptive to the Roman Empire with his Force abilities. During this time he had three sons, Nero, Drusus and Caligula as well as two daughters. Vladimir hunted victims still during this time mainly from an estate in Greece leading to locals thinking Hades had risen from the underworld.

In 19AD V

Vladimir was the name he adopted and he gained power founding House Dracul as he hid there and sired two sons from an unknown woman. The eldest of the two inheri his fathers vampiric like bloodlust and slaughtered thousands of men and women by impaling them on pikes and other atrocities inspiring the myth of Dracula. After RomainIan nobleman learnt of Vladimirs true nature they attempted to kill him by burying him alive.

Vladimir played dead for a hundred years before emerging from his grave and fleeing to Hungary. He became infatuated with the Queen and so using his powers of the Force disguised himself as the King and sired a daughter as a result Elizabeth Bathory. After this Vladimir vanished from Earth teleporting himself to Lehon where he remained until being captured by Maul during the Galactic Civil War.

Distant Relatives

King Edward XII

Ethan Windsor, Prince Of Wales

Aegon IV Targaryen

Tytos Lannister