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Viktor Antonovich Riosovsky(one of the POV characters) is the current President of Russia.

He is a decorated war veteran, in 1968 at the age of 16 he was part of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, having lied a little his age to join the army. In 1986 he was attached to a Soviet patrol in Afghanistan as a KGB captain when his patrol was ambushed earning him a scar on his wrist. He also received the Order Of Lenin and Hero Of The Soviet Union.

In 1991 he participated in the attempted coup against the Soviet government and was imprisoned for two years. In 1996 he achieved the rank of Colonel in Chechnya, he has been President of Russia since 2000, He is often described as having a dictatorial like attitude however and doesn't seem easily intimidated by the West, Riosovsky has continued the occupation of Crimea as well as military support for the Syrian government. In 2001 he had himself granted the additional title of “His Serene Excellency“.  

He has an older brother Vasili Riosovsky. An Admiral of the Baltic Fleet.  

He has three sons, Nikolai 22, Pavel 18 and Alexi 15.

Personality and traits 

Riosovsky is described as a classical dictator by the West due his shadowy past and rise to power stained with the blood of his opponents. Often his style of leadership is charismatic yet manipulative instills fear of the secret police, his quest for power is what's described as his reason for quick anger with no hesitation to resort to murder and extortion if need be. He is prone to being volatile to those who fail him, specifically by having whomever it is be shot repeatedly. Riosovsky also privately believes that his family are the successors to the Romanovs. 

However he is not totally devoid of love as he cares for his three sons greatly, this attitude was magnified after his wife Anya was killed in 2008 by Georgian ultra-nationalists, and left him with the difficulty of running the largest country in the world and making sure Alexi and Pavel weren't left alone for too long, for the death of their mother at young ages had a huge impact on them. His father and brother are among this affection, along with his niece Tatiana. But he only reserves his kind nature for his family. He rarely displays any brutishness for Alexi who he views as the most delicate.