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The Vienna Peace Accords were a set of documents signed in Vienna Austria ending the bloody Ten Days War between NATO and the Moscow Pact. The accords were proposed by Emperor Palpatine to the UN who decided to use them as the base for a peace treaty. President Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Evan Thomason protested the accords but were overruled.


-At 00:00 on January 11,2016 all forces of NATO and the Moscow Pact will cease hostilities and withdraw to within three miles of each other, heavy artillery systems will be withdrawn the next day by 12:00 Tallinn time (EU), 9:00 (AS),

-Imperial forces will begin peacekeeping operations in NATO and Moscow Pact countries, interference will result in economic penalties

-All citizens in Imperial controlled cities are to obey any and all commands given

-Diplomatic and commercial relations between NATO and Moscow Pact members will resume on March 12

-NATO and Moscow Pact members must withdraw from Syria to prevent any violations of Vienna Accor