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The Toronto Partisans were a group of undergro insurgents active in the city of Toronto during the Galactic Civil War while it was occupied by the Galactic Empire. The Partisans were a collection of seperate cells led by undercover agents of the Canadian government and stayed in certain sectors of the city to give the impression of unorganized resistance to avoid major repurcussions. The groups were armed by the Canadian and American governments who smuggled in weapons through commerce.

When Moff Adelhard failed to crush the resistance he was replaced by Moff Panaka of Naboo who gained some success increasing security to deter any future attacks. Grand Moff Ardus Kaine would assume control of the city for a short time alongside Darth Vader who was charged with monitoring Shawn Mendes by the Emperor. Kaine would make certain the resistance would be wiped out.

Early Days

When the Empire first occupied the city as the Canadian authorities peacefully left many were passive in this not wanting to provoke any open war with the Empire but this changed two weeks later when the Partisans were formed to combat the occupation. One cell was led by an undercover CIA agent named Marcus Hill who'd been charged by President Johnson to watch over Shawn in case any Russian spies attempted to kill him. Another member a young girl named Clara Smith would join also after her uncle was beaten to death by two ISB men.