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"to defeat an enemy you must understand them, not just battle strategies but their history,philosophy and arts as well"-Thrawn to Shawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn was a male Chiss who served the Galactic Empire in the Imperial Fleet as its commander in chief. In 0BBY Thrawn was given command of Shawn as he launched Operation Hellfire an offensive operation into Rebel and Confedeate controlled space.

"I pity your ignorance, you may have the ability to harness the greatest power in the universe but are not very mind" Thrawn reprimands Shawn.

As was with many other Imperial officers Thrawn didn't believe in the Force but didn't doubt its existence either considering its nature "intriguing yet unexplainable". He still believed this even after Lord Vader telekinetically choked a captain in front of him.

Thrawn also has a secret admiration of President Johnson and her leadership abilities