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Located in the southwest regions of the Unknown Regions the Third Earth was inhabited by human slaves of the Rakata for over ten thousand years before the First Men showed up over 6,000 years ago. Due to its distance to the Deep Core time moves slower on this world,

The First Men arrived 6,000 years ago Westeros time however it was 1397 Earth year when they did. Upon reaching the planet Republic scientists were fascinated by the dragons and so brought them back to Earth with inhibitor chips implaneted so as when the dragons died their bodies turned to ash. Currently the War Of The Five Kings rages on

The world is primarily made up as feudal warring states and noble houses such as

House Lannister, House Tyrell, House Baratheon and House Targaryen. Currenntly the continent of Westeros is ruled by Cersei of the House Lannister with various rebellions.

Relations between the Seven Kingdoms and the Galactic Empire are peaceful but both sides distrust each other