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“There is only one plan that shall govern the galaxy, mine”-the Emperor

Emperor Palpatine or secretly known as Darth Sidious was a human male Dark Lord of the Sith who served as the last Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Sidious, born as Sheev Palpatine, was trained in the dark side of the Force by Darth Plagueis. Eventually, Sidious took on his own apprentice, Darth Maul, and killed his master. As he continued to train Maul, Sidious came into contact with Count Dooku of Serenno, a member of the Jedi Order, who helped further Sidious' plans. In his public persona, Sidious was the unassuming Senator Palpatine of Naboo, a position he used to manipulate galactic events to his own design.

Thirteen years before his Imperial ascent, Sidious engineered the Invasion of Naboo and used the political crisis as a pretext to being elected Supreme Chancellor by the Galactic Senate. With Maul's defeat at the hands of the Jedi, Sidious was in need of a new apprentice. Dooku left the Jedi Order and was bestowed the title "Darth Tyranus" by Sidious. Together, they formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems to spark a galactic civil war. As Chancellor Palpatine, Sidious was given sweeping central, emergency powers to handle the Separatist crisis, and he raised the Grand Army of the Republic to fight the Clone Wars. The clone troopers in the Grand Army had been secretly commissioned by the Sith, and each contained a bio-chip with a preprogrammed protocol to eliminate the Jedi, the sworn enemies of the Sith, when the order was given.

At the war's end, Sidious had gained almost total control over the Republic. With his new power, Sidious branded the Jedi as traitors and ordered the clones to execute Order 66, thus destroying the Jedi Order. With the Jedi destroyed, Sidious declared himself Emperor and transformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire. Sidious also turned Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, to the dark side and anointed him Darth Vader. Over the next several years, Sidious transferred the daily management of the Empire to a Ruling Council while he spent much of his time in an ancient Sith shrine beneath the Imperial Palace when not sending his apprentice off to enforce his will or give orders to his Force-sensitive agents known as Emperor's Hands. In his sanctum he spent his time mediating on the Force, attempting to use the dark side to further his power as the Dark Lord of the Sith. His most pressing desire being to discover the secret of immortality.

Powers and Abilities

As the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith in his time, Palpatine was a powerful Force-user. He was a practitioner of Force lightning, and was known to use this power both as a deadly attack,[10] and as a means of torture. He was also skilled with telekinesis; during his duel with Yoda, he levitated several Senate pods simultaneously, including the one he was standing on, with great dexterity and accuracy. Likewise, he was skilled enough with telekinesis that he was also able to remove Luke Skywalker's handcuffs while barely even lifting his finger when meeting face to face on the second Death Star.[3] On Mandalore, he used telekinesis to strangle several Mandalorians to death and pin both Darth Maul and Savage Opress against a wall.[82]

Darth Sidious was highly adept at foreseeing the future, often utilizing the power to see his plots to fruition, ensuring that all would proceed as he had envisioned. Furthermore, Sidious was able to conceal his inner darkness from the Jedi for many years before allowing himself to be discovered, which was vital to his plot to overthrow the Republic. His power was so great that he managed to cloud the Jedi's vision, making it exceedingly difficult to predict future events.[3] The Dark Lord also possessed knowledge of Sith magic, allowing him to utter incantations in the Balc speech, as well as knowledge of the ancient Sith tongue. The Dark Lord was also adept in the use of Force Persuade.

Despite his frail appearance, Sidious was incredibly skilled in lightsaber combat, being one of the greatest duelists of all time. As a result of his tremendous skill, he slew Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin—who were considered to be two of the finest lightsaber duelists of their time—each with a single blow, and while also engaged with Mace Windu, he slew the formidable Nautolan Kit Fisto only moments later. He also put up a ferocious fight against Mace Windu, but was eventually disarmed by the latter, though with extreme effort. Later on, Sidious held his own against Yoda in a lightsaber duel, but in the end he forced the Grand Master to flee with his Force powers rather than his lightsaber. Sidious had an extremely aggressive dueling style and augmented his swordplay by using Force-enhanced speed, which allowed him to defeat three experienced Jedi Masters at once with very little effort. His style was a combination of brutal aggression and lethal precision making him an almost unstoppable opponent. In fact, the only person known to have defeated him in a duel was Mace Windu.

Although Sidious usually used only one lightsaber, he was also a master of Jar'Kai, wielding both of his lightsabers against Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Utilizing a ferocious yet fluid fighting style, Sidious fended off both brothers simultaneously, and though they put up a considerable fight, Sidious ultimately defeated them relatively easily, killing Savage and disarming Maul. He could also use Form V.

Personality and Traits

Through his own nature, Palpatine, alias Darth Sidious, was evil incarnate.[173] He insistently made clear to Anakin Skywalker, however, that he did not believe himself to be evil, but simply beyond common morality, calling evil "a label we all put on those who threaten us."[24] Aside from his opinion on morality, he believed himself to be the embodiment of darkness and the living incarnation of the dark side of the Force, and, after the death of his body, he saw himself as pure energy, or simply the dark side itself.[164] He was instinctively treacherous, betraying and killing numerous beings who trusted him, such as Vidar Kim, Darth Plagueis[1] and nearly, Darth Vader.[3]Ever since his youth, Palpatine's main goal had always been nothing less than the acquisition of absolute power. In this personal quest, he showed that he was also patient, arrogant, vastly intelligent, and an incredible actor. Despite his innate nature, he was able to play the part of a good and honest politician for decades; even the Jedi Council was taken in by his facade. His skill at subterfuge was sufficient to even convince Darth Plagueis, upon the latter's revelation that he was a Sith, that he knew little of that Order,[1] when he in fact had sought to join the Sith long before he met the Dark Lord.[15] As both Senator of Naboo and Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, he appeared as an unassuming, tea-drinking[174] old man, almost grandfatherly, with elegant robes. With his cheery demeanor, trademark smile, and a reputation for being a kind and modest man from Naboo, he won the hearts of billions during the Clone Wars, promising to bring justice to a government mired in corruption and chaos. This served to hide his true motives behind a perfect disguise in order to gain acceptance for his new Empire.[175]

Although he was from the Mid Rim instead of the Core Worlds, Palpatine primarily spoke Galactic Basic Standardwith a Coruscanti accent during his time as Senator representing Naboo[11] and as Supreme Chancellor.[14] He also spoke with a Coruscanti accent while assuming the identity of Darth Sidious, and later while acting as the Galactic Emperor,[10] although his voice differed slightly in that it uttered a guttural, slightly rasping element.[3]

After Mace Windu's attack on him, he created a new image of himself; that of a pitiful victim of a random act of violence. He had been left after the attack with the appearance of a gnarled, ancient man with pale skin, and searing, sickly yellow eyes. He wore a heavy dark cloak, which gave him the appearance of being a simple individual to hide his force abilities, and carried a glossy black cane, leaning heavily on it to create an illusion of weakness.[176]

His acts as a loving politician and later a helpless victim served only to bolster his true persona, that of Sidious. The Dark Lord was a highly manipulative, Machiavellian, exploitative and seductive megalomaniac, easily bending others to his will in his quest for Sith supremacy and ultimate power.[14][164] A narcissist, Sidious identified his own essence with the very blackness of space,[177] even going so far as to declare himself the ultimate personification of the dark side.[164] Sidious also displayed traits of psychopathy, including extreme sadism and cruelty, taking considerable pleasure in the suffering and deaths of others. One of his more prominent demonstrations of this trait was when he ordered Vader to execute Galen Marek, breaking into a fit of hysterical laughter as Marek was telekinetically pummeled by Vader, and continuing to chuckle quietly for several moments after Vader apparently killed Marek.[117] In fact, he was known to cultivate life-forms for the sole purpose of eventually killing them.[21] His sadism was such that, when murdering his Master, Darth Plagueis in his sleep, he paused occasionally to mock Plagueis for being manipulated by him and revel in Plagueis's pain before continuing.[1] He later demonstrated similar behavior immediately before his death at the hands of Vader while torturing Luke Skywalker, smiling at the young Jedi as he prepared to kill him.[3] His inherent sadism apparently had its roots with his father, Cosinga Palpatine—a penchant for violence was one of the few things the two men had in common.[1] Regarding his views on failure,

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