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Ten Days War

The Ten Days War was a brief global military conflict on Earth beginning on January 1 and ending ten days later. The two sides were NATO and the Moscow Pact. The two alliances had been feuding with aggressive rhetoric since October as a Chinese drone had shot down three NATO aircraft over Syria, Russian President Viktor Riosovsky had initially taken up the manlte of avoiding any armed conflict with the West but felt Russia needed to be seen as a global power and not a regional one.


On December 25 the engines of the rebel ship the Ghost malfuncti causing the ship to crash on the border of Norway and Russia. The leaders of the Moscow Pact agreed that if the Jedi onboard were captured and brainwashed to do their bidding the West would yield in the face of their power. Chinese President Jeong Xi brought up the idea of sending their assests to capture Shawn as well but the idea was shot down by Riosovsky who argued that provoking the Empire wouldnt be in their favor. As leader of the Pact Council Riosovsky ordered all MPE forces to be combat ready.

The War Begins

At ten o clock on New Year's Eve orders from MPE members were sent to their embassies in NATO countries ordering them to destroy their documents. At midnight Russian forces launched a surprise attack on the Baltic countries as well as Norway and Georgia from South Ossetia, Chinese and North Korean forces broke through the DMZ and attacked Seoul from the air and with long range artillery. Iranian forces attacked Saudi Arabia while Pakistani troops invaded India overrunning the state of Punjab, Cuba and Venezuela refused support all together and downgraded to observer member status.

The First Five Days

In Europe Russian forces advanced into northern Norway heading for the Ghost. Meanwhile NATO forces were pushed back into the suburbs of Tallinn and Riga, in the Middle East Iranian and Chinese forces attempted to seize control of the Suez Canal to stop shipments of oil, however they were met by Italian,GreekEgyptian and Israeli resistance and took heavy losses. In Asia Chinese and Pakistani forces began a large offensive toward New Dehli, Meanwhile Russian and Iranian troops surrounded the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Turkish forces attempted to break through but were hampered by Iranian troops advancing on their own soil.

On the fourth day Russian forces advanced into Vilnius and Belarusian artillery landed in the outskirts of Warsaw, Chinese and North Korean troops advanced into the northern suburbs of Seoul but were met by heavy South Korean resistance, in the Middle East Iran fired dozens of long range missiles at Tel Aviv killing 500 civilians. Pakistani and Chinese troops were forced to retreat from New Dehli after Indian forces began a massive counterattack.

In New York US Secretary Of State Robert Hammond appealed to the United Nationd to bring an end to the conflict, however the UN denied this citing that they must hear from the Moscow Pact. President Johnson refused to let any Moscow Pact diplomats into the US as was the case for Switzerland and Austria.

The Last Five Days

From airfields in the Crimea Russian jets attacked Istanbul,Ankara, Bucharest and Sofia. However NATO jets intercepted many of the planes so only minor damage was done to the cities, in the Middle East Iranian troops stormed Qatar and the Saudi coast meeting heavy resistance. Chinese and North Korean forces overran most of Seoul.In Europe NATO forces invaded Kaliningrad from the sea taking control in less than nine hours, Belarusian forces advanced into Vilnius with house to house fighting commonplace. On the eighth day Chinese submarines snuck through Canadian coast guard ships and fired twenty ballistic missiles at Vancouver setting the cities gas system ablaze killing 1,200,Meanwhile Iranian and Chinese forces were forced to retreat from Suez as an American fleet launched missiles and airstrikes on their positions alongside Israeli jets.

On the ninth day Imperial Ambassador Leia Organa worked desperately in Vienna for a ceasefire but Western officials refused to meet with Moscow Pact representatives for at least twelve hours. In Europe Russian artillery hammered away at Tbilisi as ground troops attempted to storm the city but were met by heavy Georgian resistance. South Korean and US forces counterattacked taking back most of Seoul from North Korean and Chinese troops, in Europe much of Riga was overrun by Russian troops.

On the tenth and final way Western and Moscow Pact officials agreed to meet in Vienna to begin plans to implemnet a ceasefire, as peace talks began Indian jets bombed a retreating Chinese convoy killing 2,466 troops as well as destroying much equipment. In the Middle East Saudi troops pushed Iranian forces back the shores, Turkish troops backed up by American and Israeli air power broke through Russian forces around Tbilisi as they spread throghout Georgia.In Vienna at 3 o clock a ceasefire was agreed upon and was to be implemented at midnight Mosocow time. Both sides fought to the nail in Europe and Asia. At midnight all around the world the guns fell silent ending the war.


Although only lasting ten days the war devastated the global economy, oil production halted completely as the dollar was now only worth a third of its original value. However the Empire had offered up a way to keep the peace by allowing them to occupy cites across the world to "keep the peace" to which the UN accepted. Over 996,789 people had lost their lives in the world, Imperial troops occupied cites across the world on February 1 without a shot being fired.