“Hadn’t I not chosen your name, you wouldn’t be where you are today”- Snoke to Shawn Mendes via a Force vision

Snoke was an mysterious extragalactic Force-sensitive being. He is estimated to have lived for ten thousand years or more, witnessing the rise and fall of both the old Sith Empires and the Galactic Republic.

He hid himself far in the Unknown Regions from the prying eyes of Darth Sidious and who was known only to Maul, as well as the resurrected General Grievous and Asajj Ventress. After discovering Maul on Malachor Snoke tasked his new apprentice with tracking down Ventress and resurrecting General Grievous for his vision of a galaxy without the Jedi or the Sith whom Maul despised greatly.

While Maul was the public leader of the Confederacy he took his orders from Snoke who was unknown to the rest of the state.

Powers and Abilities

Snoke was strong with the dark side and was able to send opponents flying with a slight wave of his finger. He was also capable of using Force lightning and telepathy as well as telekinetically attacking someone from light years away. His power in the Force has been felt only by Darth Sidious who has sent probing teams into Unknown space to find Snoke. He also learned the of resurrecting dead beings from the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis sometime before the latter found Sheev Palpatine on Naboo