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Shawn Mendes(one of the POV characters) was a human male Force-sensitive and Emperor’s Hand during the Age Of The Empire. His latwanted connection to the Force was awoken by the extragalactic being known as Snoke in the year 3BBY or 2013 of the Gregorion calendar in an ancient Sith temple located in Antarctica.

His power was sensed and exploited by the Dark Lord Of The Sith, Darth Sidious, otherwise known as Emperor Palpatine. Captured by the Emperors feared chief enforcer and apprentice Darth Vader, Shawn was instructed in the Force by the Emperor. He and another Emperors Hand, Mara Jade are currently romantically involved. Thus far Shawn has resisted the dark side, but it always calls to him.

Powers and Abilities

Shawn possessed a strong connection to the Force and was highly skilled with telekinesis able to stop blaster bolts and other objects sometimes without looking, He also was proficient in mind tricks, also he could read minds to certain agree only getting an image or two. If needed he could extract the information by force with a mind-probe but resented from using the ability as it was basically a torture technique. Shawn also had an incredibly rare ability known as flow walking allowing the user to see different times in the past.

In addition to his talent with the Force, Shawn was a skilled user with a lightsaber a to be on par with Vess or Roganda, as was the case with the other Hands he was instructed in the art by Darth Vader himself.

As was the same of the other Hands as well Shawn was a skilled martial artist having knowledge of various forms of hand to hand combat and blasters but preferred to use violence as a last resort or when absolutely necessary.

He is also able to commune through the Force with the dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion who show affection toward him, besides Daenerys herself he is the only one to have even laid a hand on them. Shawn also is profiecient in sensing the presence of those around him, even at great distances such as when he sensed Clara Smith from quite a distance. He also is proficient in experiencing Force visions in his dreams, though this only occurs at the Imperial Palace.

Personality and Traits

Shawn is known to be very cunning as well as kind and selfless even going so far as stopping an ISB officer from striking a Zygerrian girl.

Also he isn't easily scared by much although the sound of Vader's breathing "sends chills down his spine", Sidious only slightly intimidates him as does Vader but doesn't show it. While on missions Shawn has a serious glarelike look on his face which Mara has said as "making him look like a different person" as on Earth he is very cheerful and laughs a lot. Also he is very curious of whatever catches his attention. However, his time spent around those who can use the dark side has caused the power to affect him, now he goes days without smiling or even chuckling.