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Located near the Malastare System this planet exhibits unusual Force abilities as well as various cultures. The planet also has five nation states, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Water Tribes, Air Nation,and the United Republic Of Nations.

The largest city is Ba Sing Se capital of the Earth Kingdom. Republic City is the most modern city of the planet with more automobiles than any other city.

From 1845 to 1945 a devastating conflict known as the Hundred Year War

ravaged the planet. Lasting for as long as the name the war ended in 1945 when Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai ending the conflict. In the following years the Fire Nation Colonies established on the western Earth Kingdom were transformed into the United Republic Of Nations.

The planet had been untouched by the galaxy for over 2,000 years after being erased from all records after the Republic had left Hu Xin on Earth. in 2BBY it was discovered by the Galactic Empire, relations between the planet and the Empire are currently peaceful.