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Prince Ethan Of York is the current heir-presumptive to the British throne and the brother of King Edward IX.

he title of Prince Of Wales is reserved for the eldest on of a monarch though Edward decided that his brother should be known as the Prince Of Wales as a more practical means of address as he is next in line for the throne, but he agreed to a dual abdication upon Edward producing an heir, where Edward would abdicate his title of Duke Of York to Ethan and Ethan would relinquish the style of Prince Of Wales to the new heir. Like his brother he is fluent in Welsh.

He is the younger son of Prince Arthur Of York (1957-2016), the second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip


His Royal Highness, Prince Ethan Of York (formerly)

His Royal Highness,The Prince Ethan

Duke of Cornwall

Duke of Rothesy