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Moscow Pact Of Eurasia

Founded in 2004 following the admission of the Baltic countries into NATO the Moscow Pact has acted as an anti NATO force made up of Russia,China,Iran,North Korea,Cuba and Venezuela (not pictured as well as many post-Soviet states except for Ukraine and Georgia.

Despite being a military alliance the group primarily provides material support to each other, its main difference between itself and NATO is that member states cannot call upon others to its defense unless attacked by a member of NATO or any other foreign power.

In February 2014 Ukrainian pro-Western revolutionaries overthrew the Ukrainian government. In response the President Viktor Riosovsky ordered Russian troops into the Crimea later annexing the peninsula, Other members of the Pact refused to support Russia if war broke out,

In September of 2015 Russian and Chinese warplanes began air strikes against ISIS in Syria in support of the Syrian junta 8,000 Iranian and 12,000 Russian ground troops were deployed around Damascus spearheading an assault on opposition forces outside the city, On October 7 a Chinese drone shot down an American F-18, A Turkish F-16 and a Canadian CH-124. The action brought relations between the Pact the West to a point not seen since the Cold War.