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"you've performed greatky cadet Stele but another path lies ahead for you"- Darth Vader

Maarek Stele is a Force-sensitive human male from the Outer Rim world of Kuan. At the age of 13 he became one of the youngest studen to apply for the Imperial Academy, however he was unaware of his Force-sensitivity which led to his discovery by Lord Vader himself a year later. Initially Maarek was scared to leave his home behind,

When introdcued to Darth Sidious he was still unsure of why he'd been brought before the Emperor until when told a lie that his mother had been killed Maarek was angered and the floor cracked. Palpatine reassured him it was a test,

For the next several months he underwent the intense grueling to become an Emperor's Hand. On the side the young man was instructed by

the Dark Side prophet Kadaan in the ability to teleport across long distances with the Force.

However he along with the other hands were unaware of their existence despite them all residing in the Imperial Palace. In 17BBY he was sent to an unknown world on a mission only to meet Shawn Mendes,

Powers and Abilities

Maarek possess a strong connection to the Force as well being adept at a wide range of abilities such as Force push, choke, lightning which Sidious taught exclusively to males, and his teleportation power. He is also a skilled stealthsman and wields a lightsaber with quite skill, Also he is skilled in many forms of hand to hand combat,

Personality and Traits

Maarek is a loyal Imperial citizen due to his indoctrination in the Academy, however he is open minded and is curious of Earth ways and culture. He is also brave and courageous as well as kind, Maarek is also a good friend of Shawn. Mara has described Maarek as a "player" at times, Also he takes risks dauntlessly as fear does not faze him.