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King Edward IX (Formerly known as Edward Arthur Fredrick Charles and one of the POV characters) is the new monarch of the English throne after most of the royal family were killed by the Empire when London was destroyed. Edward was out of the country at the time but has yet to have a coronation.

His only known living relatives are his thirteen year old brother Prince Ethan who he keeps close by, as his brother is now heir presumptive. His mother Alexandra the Dowager Duchess Of York now resides at Windsor with Edward and Ethan . His other living family is his cousin Princess Marissa. As he is the closest male line descendant of Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, Edward has inherited the titles held by his paternal uncles and grandfather.

He is a descendant of Vladimir Dracul along with his brother.


His Royal Highness, Prince Edward Of York (formerly)

His Majesty the King

Duke Of York

Duke of Edinburgh

Earl of Merioneth

Baron Greenwich