Kelly Mendes is the mother of Shawn and Aaliyah Mendes. She is mildly Force-sensitive only able to utilize her power under emotional distress,this allowed her to not sensed by Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine when she confronted the latters on separate occasions. Although at first showing slight indifference and worry to Shawn leaving for his missions she was more afraid of the Empire which made her keep quiet until 0BBY when her frustration hit its breaking point. When Vader visited their home to have a word with Shawn, Kelly intervened raising her tone telling him to leave, Vader was taken aback but rather than telekinetically choke her he left in a haste. After Vader showed up Kelly grew concerned for her daughter Aayliah hoping she didn't exhibit any of Shawns abilties for fear of the Inquisitors.

She doesn't judge everyone though and liked the other Hands finding them pol unlike other Imperials she'd encountered, although not very strong with the Force Kelly could feel the presence of her family and this helped whenever Shawn snuck out to assist the Toronto Partisans.

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