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Jallar Gollin was a Force-sensitive human male Emperor's Hand during the Age Of The Empire. Jallar was only seven years old when the Pau'an Grand Inquisitor abducted him from his homewolrd of Chandrilla,after meeting Roganda Ismaren the two began a relationship but soon decided it would be best to end it. He also was reunited with his family, with his father being an Admiral of The Imperial Navy.

Powers and Abilities

Like the other Hand's Jallar is highly trained in the arts of infiltration, espionage and sabotage. Also he is very talented with the Force but at times pushes himself close to the dark side, Jallar is somewhat proficient in close quarters combat and lacks substantial physical strength but makes up for it in his skill with a lightsaber.

Personsality and Traits

Jallar speaks with the clipped accent of the Core Words and has a sense of aristocracy. Prior to meeting Roganda and the other Hand's Jallar kept to himself but still wondered where his family was. At the age of fifteen he attempted to find his family but was stopped by Lord Vader who near killed him in the process.