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The Imperial Palace, originally known as the Presidential Palace or Palace of the Republic, was a massive complex of buildings located in the Palace District of Coruscant, an ancillary of the Senate District. Originally built as a residence for the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic Senate, the Palace also served as an office building, complementing the delegation offices of the Senate Building. Following the election of Chancellor Palpatine, the Republic Executive Building was erected in the Legislative Borough to accommodate overflow from the Palace.

Following the catastrophic Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine eradicated the Jedi Order and declared the reforming of the Republic into the Galactic Empire and renaming the Palace as the Imperial Palace. Expanding the complex significantly, Emperor Palpatine created a labyrinthine maze inside the pyramidal structure and confined himself to his throne room and the Sith shrine within the palaces depths for most of his reign.

Palace Interior

The Palace contained over twenty thousand rooms and chambers in fifty connected structures. Numerous architectural styles and design motifs could be found throughout the Palace, changing from one floor to the next. The interior walls of the Palace were made from cortosis, and its flooring included marble tiles imported from Wayland. In many of the public areas the structure was open and airy, heavily illuminated via large transparisteel panes that let in natural light. Other levels deep within the complex were kept dark with carved friezes on the ceiling. As one delved deeper into the sublevels the walls were bare and utilitarian; unadorned floors and chambers were used for military briefings and meetings.

In the lower levels of the palace were the Emperor's dark secrets. Most were Sith artifacts contained within a large shrine excavated from the Jedi Temple some years following Order 66, the lightsabers of fallen Jedi and the various substances that the Emperor used for his dark rituals were contained in this area of the palace.