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Hans Von Rolf (1898-1945) was a the SS officer who over saw the documentation of the Antarctic Sith Temple and relayed information for Project Die Glocke and Operation Suche.

Von Rolf was a staunch supporter of national socioams as he was the first cousin of Reichsführer Heinrich Himmlier who introdiced him to the party in 1929. In 1933 Von Rolf participated in the Night Of The Long Knives personally executing several SA officers.

In 1939 he arrived at the antartic temple and throughout the war oversaw various tests from the information found there mainly jet propulsion and rockets. Weapons were built and tested on either Russian POWs or Jewish prisoner which Von Rolf had a liking to watch. He met with the Führer several times until 1945 when the Allies advanced into Germany thus ensuring its defeat, Von Rolf evacuated to a bunker in the eastern Bavarian Alps where American forces closed in from the west and the Russians from the east. As the two sides stormed the bunker killing the guards in a firefight Von Rolf lit a cigarette in his office then set fire to his journal before throwing it in a nearby bin.

He then took a cynnide capsule out and placed it in his mouth then charged his pistol placing it his his head before biting down then shooting himself. A fragment of his journal was found by American soldiers with only an "Sh-" written where Shawn's name once was and another by Soviet solders detailing jet propulsion and taken back to the USSR.

He had a wife Helga (1901-1975) whom he loved and a son Deiter (1923-2005). Also he was the first and only person to record Shawn's name showing it only to his cousin Himmiler who dissmissed it as unnessecary yet intriguing.

After his death Von Rolf roamed the world as a spirit watching over his family