Basic, also known as galactic standard,[1] was the name of the most prevalent language in the galaxy. It was spoken by species including—but not limited to—the humans[2] and the Pantorans,[3] but not by the Ewoks[2] and the Talz.[3] The Gungans of Naboo spoke a heavily accented dialect of Basic, with many differences in grammar and vocabulary.

When the Rakata withdrew from Earth their human slaves spoke a Rakatan dialect thats name is unknown but became the roots for modern Earth languages.When Darth Xedrix and other members of the Dark Council resided on Earth they taught Basic to the Egyptian nobility whom they forbade from writing down. It would have many dialects and accents as well. On Earth it was called English which had an alphabet that'd been taught to the Anglo Saxons (Andals) sometime in the Dark Ages.

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