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"I know something about handling pressure, it’s part of my character I cannot bring myself to give up on anything- Johnson

Evelyn Karen Warren-Johnson(one of the POV characters) is the current and 46th President Of The United States.

She is a veteran of both the Gulf War and Afghanistan as well as serving in Kosovo. Her husband died of cancer in 2003 leaving her to raise her daughter Sophia on her own and resign her commission in the military. Johnson is a great-niece of the late Lyndon B. Johnson through her father Drew Johnson. 

In 2006 she ran and was elected to the House Of Representatives as the sole Congresswoman of Wyombing and later endored then candidate Walkers run for President in 2012. After Walker’s inauguration in 2013 she became House Speaker after being elected by the House Of Representatives. 

In September 2015 after Adam Walker and Vice President Darren were assassinated by Darth Vader and by the laws of succession Johnson was sworn in office making her the first female President. Three months into her Presidency the Ten Days War broke out, with Earth being drawn into the Galactic Civil War just another few months later.

Johnson is a woman of her word and of action and does not tolerate any aggressive actions by any party she is also a staunct Conservative Republican holding democratic values high. Although having been thrusted into the Presidency to her suprise she made it her sworn duty to never allow the Empire any leverage over the United States and its allies. 

After the Vienna Peace Accords were passed she made tne difficult decis to abide by them telling the emissary "you harm one of our people you'll regret it". After which she had National Guardsmen stationed outside San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver which Imperial forces occupied. 

Johnson is authorititative and mentally strong citing she wouldn't play the case of her gender to gain an advantage over her oppenent businessman Tim Drawford in the 2016 eleditions.

Personality and traits

Johnson grew up in her home state of Wyoming and was drilled with a sense of duty and strength by her father whose brother was President Lyndon B. Johnson whom Johnson met when she was very little but doesn't remember him. At the age of 18 Johnson was among many young women to enlist in the age of expanded roles of women in the Armed Forces under the Reagan Administration but she considered herself an ordinary marine.

Having fought in several battles from Desert Storm to Afghanistan Johnson is never deterred by anything due to her military background. This continued even after her husband Eric Warren died in December of 2003 leaving Johnson to raise Sophia on her own, placing family first Johnson left the military to raise her daughter.

The following years she maintained motherhood and her political career but never considered running for President herself seeing as she thought the job was meant for others with more political experience. Then when she ascended the office she went tenfold on what that office would be and wouldnt let anyone bully her into submisson and not foresake her citizens safety under any conditions. Due to her military background Johnson has a great tolerance for and ability to handle under pressure, while also remaining calm.

Her daughter Sophia has her maiden name due to a literal flip of a coin Johnson made with her husband before she was born over whose name Sophia would have. After Eric died was when Johnson changed her middle name from Karen to her husbands surname of Warren to remember him.