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An Emperor's Hand, or Hand of the Emperor, was a Force-sensitive operative recruited, trained, and employed by Emperor Palpatine to perform missions that were impossible, secret, or both. Only outranked by the Inquisitors or Darth Vader the Emperor's Hands orders were required to be obeyed by Imperial officers, also they operated free of the chain of command entirely much to the dismay of many high ranking officers.until 17BBY they were kept secret from each other but Palpatine decided to make them aware of each others existence like the Inquisitors but feared the start of competition between them. To keep them secret they hold false titles, the males are labeled as Princes while the females Baronesses of extinct royal families from far off worlds.

Their superiors after Palpatine are the Inquisitors, Grand Moffs, Grand Admirals and Lord Vader whom can command them without restriction.

Notable Members

Mara Jade

Shawn Mendes

Maarek Stele


Roganda Ismaren


Vess Kogo

Jallar Golin

Differences Of Abilities

Male Hands are trained to use the Mind Probe ability while females are trained to use Force heal.