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Located on the border areas of the Unknown Regions Earth is a planet made up many nation states such as the United States Of America, Canada, United Kingdom,China and the Russian Federation.

Although isolated from the rest of the galaxy Earth has a long history as it has been visited by both the Old Republic and the Sith Empire within the last four thousand years of its time. it also boasts a sizable proportion of Force-sensitives with one out of fifty million of its seven billion population,

In 3987 BBY or 200 BC Earth years a Jedi Republic Senator was exiled for attempting to secretly negotiate an end to the Great Galactic War with approval from the Senate and found his way to Earth specifically the city-state of Athens and over a period of twenty years worked his way up in the Athenian state even teaching them democracy which they gladly accepted. This same Senator however was arrested for attempting negotiate with the Persian Empire and was imprisoned for that.

Prior to the second visit a philosopher from the Second Earth named Hu Xin was dropped onto Earth by the Republic. he landed in China and taught his world's ways of honor,alphabet,philosophy to the people of the Xia Dynasty and over the next three thousand years the Orient culture was spread by many empires such as the Mongol Empire that stretched from the Pacific to Ukraine.

The third and final time it was visited was in 1367,a Sith ship carrying a mutated strain of the biological weapon Aorth-6 crashed in China, the virus was then known on Earth as the Bubonic Plague. the Republic intervened as the plague spread across Europe and cloned the entire non infected population bringing them to another world rebuilding their civilization that became known as Westeros. But from this world they brought back Dragons but implanted them with chips that would disintegrated the Dragon upon dying.

In 2014 Earth was discovered again after nearly 800 years of isolation by the Galactic Empire and in April 2015 diplomatic relations between the two were established, however world leaders distrusted the Empire. A sort of constant fear settled over the world after the Battle Over Earth and Emperor Palpatine promised President Adam Walker of the United States the Empire would provide protection from any attackers