Clara Smith

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Clara Smith(one of the POV characters) was a human female from Earth during the Age Of The Empire hailing from Toronto Canada. Claras father was a veteran of the Iraq War who taught her how to handle a weapon and take care of herself in a fight. Before the Imperials showed up Clara had met Shawn on his first return but never told anyone besides her friends about that, she kept to herself most of the time but liked to interact with others.

After the Imperial occupation she joined the Partisan branch under the command of Marcus Edward and conducted many attacks on Imperial facilitie. Following the army's liberation Clara became the first person on Earth to volunteer for the Alliance Military but lied about her age to do so. She became acquainted with Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla as well as the Jedi Ezra Bridger.

Personality and Traits

Clara was a mentally strong person who always looked out for herself and others, after meeting Shawn the second time she witnessed firsthand his Force abilities and was fascinated by them but could never understand how they worked. She was also a master of stealth able to sneak past stormtroopers very quietly, Clara was also very adventurous and loved exploring nature after she had visited the Appalachians years prior, Coruscant was perhaps the most confusing to her but Lothal had a more homey feel.

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