Anton Riosovsky

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"<<Do I regret what I did? Kill Germans? no I don't all because I did was to protect my family and the motherland>>"-Anton to his grandson Alexi Anton Sergeievich Riosovsky is the father of President Riosovsky and Admiral Vasili, grandfather of Nikolai,Pavel,Tatiana and Alexi. Born in the Smolensk Donets region of the Soviet Union where his father was stationed for his duties in the NKVD the secret police.

In 1941 Anton was separated from his parents when Germany invaded the USSR and swiftly approached his hometown and leveling it. He fled north then west and eventually came into contact with partisan fighters who took him in.

For the remainder of the war he fought a gureilla battle until the Germans were driven out of the USSR in 1944 but at that point he had discovered his father was killed in an ambush outside Kiev but that his mother was alive and well in Moscow.

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