Why did I write this story

Well I started writing this because I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars,Avatar and Game Of Thrones as well as Shawn Mendes. I picked Shawn Mendes because I can relate to some of his traits and I'm also a guy which I know sounds wierd and I'm not a fan in "that" way I just admire him greatly. Also on wattpad this is just an observation but there's too many female leads in a majority of stories,

I also am a huge history nerd like ask me about like World War Two and bam I have an answer. I also wanted to kind of show like what it would be like if the Force was real with Star Wars forming the backbone of it, also I looked for gaps in the Canon and Legends storylines and filled them in so it uses info from both of those as well.

If anyone wonders what role religion plays in it if the Empire is real the answer is I'm trying to avoid mentioning it as much as possible to avoid bias but some such as Christianity or Islam might be mentioned indirectly.